Valeriana is a feminist muralist, designer, and illustrator from Bogotá, Colombia.


She began working on urban interventions for the 100In1Day movement, then, creating illustrations that became motifs for the fashion textile industry and afterward ended up learning Batik in Indonesia. Nowadays her artwork tends to be in large-format murals made alongside the communities, usually representing female characters.

Influenced by pop culture, psychedelia, spiritual and religious elements and sometimes using irony; Valeriana creates conversations about the relationship between women, culture, and environment as well as the feminist movement in Latin America and the countries she’s been traveling to.


Her process, art, and knowledge have been disclosed in exhibitions and festivals in Colombia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, United Kingdom, and Germany.


Currently, she’s a member and curator of the international arts collective Micro Galleries.

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Otherness is a fertile ground for new discussions, and new ideas about the current system, and what we want humanity to become. Delve into this virtual exhibition that explores how MG artists are embracing and pushing the boundaries of Otherness to create something new, diverse and powerful.